ID5 Privacy Preference Center

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ID5 operates an identity platform for the digital advertising industry, helping publishers monetise their websites and protect their users' privacy . ID5 respects users’ data privacy choices, and the ID5 Privacy Preference Center is designed to present you with certain information and enable you to make certain choices with respect to your personal data .

The ID5 Privacy Preference Center is NOT the same as the ID5 Platform Privacy Policy, which describes our platform privacy practices, including how we collect, use, share and otherwise process data, with respect to our ID5 Platform. For ID5’s Platform Privacy Policy, please visit

Current Browser Status

Your browser currently does NOT have a unique ID5 ID

Opt Out

It appears you might be using a browser that does not support third-party cookies. If you select “Opt Out”, ID5 will leverage our probabilistic algorithm to attempt to identify your browser and save your preference.

On non-ID5 websites, ID5 will also process some personal data in an attempt to identify your browser again and honour your opt out preferences. If we still process any pseudonymous personal data about you, it will only be for the purpose of respecting your choices; we will never assign you an ID5 ID for use in advertising purposes.

Since we rely on our probabilistic algorithm, which is not 100% accurate, we may not always be able to recognize your browser, and therefore may assign a unique ID5 ID that does not have the opt out preference associated with it. By enabling third party cookies, we can ensure that your browser’s opt out preference is always respected.

If you live in the EEA and chose to block ID5 on a non-ID5 website using a Consent Management Platform (CMP), then ID5 will not process your personal data on that website regardless of your opt out preferences set here.

Opt Out with Cookies

If you do not want ID5 to process any personal data other than to honour your opt-out choices on this browser and you are sure that your browser supports third party cookies, you may choose to Opt Out using cookies below.

If you select "Opt Out with Cookies", ID5 will set a non-unique opt-out cookie in your browser to store your choices. This is a “third-party cookie” on non-ID5 websites and may not be readable by us if your browser is blocking third-party cookies. If we cannot read the opt-out cookie that we have set, and you do not indicate on the website you are visiting that you do not want us to process your personal data, we may not be able to honour the choices you have set here. Further, if you block or delete the ID5 opt-out cookie, you will cease to be opted out with respect to the ID5 Platform and will need to perform the opt-out process again.

If (a) you have not opted out and (b) we are not required to obtain your opt-in consent to process your personal data, an ID5 ID may be assigned to your browser after your visit to the ID5 Privacy Preference Center, even if you have not elected to opt in.

Privacy Web Form

You can use this web form to submit a request with respect to your "personal information" under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) or your "personal data" under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If you wish to submit more than one request, you will need to perform the submission process separately for each request.

For ID5’s platform privacy policy, please visit